A piggy bank sits on the keyboard of a laptop.
1 January 2024

In business, every cent matters. But companies are still overlooking plain language. This communication method can save businesses millions of dollars.

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White-collar worker performs magic on a stack of templates.
14 August 2023

Wondering why your boss is leaving you on read? Read this article to discover the secret to great business writing.

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A selection of 8 brightly coloured report covers representing projects that the editing team has worked on
7 November 2022

Our editors have brought their plain language skills to many fascinating and influential projects. Here we share links to a handful that are available online, so you can see how we have transformed content across a range of genres and sectors.

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A sound engineer adjusts knobs and buttons on a large mixing console.
5 October 2022

We worked with MusicNSW to create a plain English summary of the Raising Their Voices report. It presents important new research into sexism and discrimination in Australia's music industry and makes the case for some big, bold changes!

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An older couple look at information about life insurance on their laptop
9 June 2021

The Financial Services Council commissioned us to overhaul the Life Insurance Code of Practice. We created a new plain English document with big improvements in readability, usability and accessibility.

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