Copyright policy and intellectual property terms

At 11 August 2022

Plain English Foundation Pty Ltd (PEF/we/our/us) owns and runs the website (our website/site).

As a website user (you/your), you agree to:

  • this Copyright policy and these intellectual property terms
  • our User terms
  • our Privacy policy.

These terms have the following sections:

  1. We have copyright over our intellectual property
  2. You are restricted in how you can use our intellectual property
  3. You can’t use our content for your own purpose
  4. We own our free writing tools so please acknowledge us
  5. Our copyright is protected

1. We have copyright over our intellectual property

Unless otherwise shown, we own all the intellectual property on our website. This includes all copyrightable material and products, such as our:

  • writing tools, guidelines, checklists, quizzes, examples and edits
  • other resources, including our PowerPoint presentations
  • designs, images and branding
  • trademarks
  • inventions including databases, compilations and codes
  • online products, information, data and resources including our software, instructions, internet-based services, support services and related printed or electronic materials.

Unless otherwise shown, we also own and control all rights, including copyright, in our website content and compilation. This includes text, graphics, logos, button icons, video images, audio clips and the related software.

You also cannot use or reproduce our trademarks, including our logos, without us agreeing in writing beforehand.

You can only view, download, display and print our material for its permitted use and in an unaltered form, in line with our terms and policies.

2. You are restricted in how you can use our intellectual property

We own the intellectual property rights in our Getting to the point® training material, Writing Skills Test, free writing tools and other resources, unless these state otherwise.

You or any user of our products (where you have purchased on their behalf) can only use these in limited ways that we detail in our:

Intellectual property rights means all intellectual and commercial property rights throughout the world including:

  • copyright
  • trademarks whether registered or unregistered,
  • designs and patents
  • the right to keep confidential information confidential
  • know-how and trade secrets, whether or not now existing
  • registered or registrable related applications, including the right to apply to register such rights and all renewals and extensions.

3. You can’t use our content for your own purpose

We remain the owner of all our interest in our intellectual property and knowledge in our products and services.

You or any user of our products and services (where you have purchased on their behalf) do not have any right to amend or adapt our material for any commercial or other purposes including:

  • printing, changing, repurposing or adapting it
  • using it to develop any work or product with the same primary function
  • quoting from it
  • referring to it without attributing our ownership to us unless it is impracticable to do so
  • communicating or publishing it to a third party, including the public, you and/or your user’s employer or a related body
  • recording, taking screenshots of it, photographing or streaming it in any domain
  • posting it on a website or on social media
  • displaying it on a screen for training or instruction
  • adding it to a database
  • manufacturing or selling it, or hiring it out
  • otherwise exploiting it or performing an act that would infringe our intellectual property rights.

You also cannot adapt our free writing tools and other resources in any way and for any purpose, including a commercial purpose. You agree to attribute a free writing tool or other resources that we supply for such use and to give the link to the host page.

If you breach our terms or policies, we can cancel your site registration and take action against you for breaching our intellectual property ownership rights.

You cannot place our copyrightable material on another website or a public forum for any purpose. This does not include our website material in the public domain and our free writing tools as we supply them and in line with the following section 4.

You have no intellectual property rights and copyright ownership of our website products that you use or buy and all our stipulated licence use restrictions apply.

4. We own our free writing tools so please acknowledge us

Our licence use conditions in section 2 also apply to our free writing tools and resources. You can use these only:

  • for non-commercial purposes
  • in the format we provide them in, including our branding and design
  • if you attribute Plain English Foundation (with our website address or an active link) as the copyright owner each time you use them.

If you download a free writing tool, you cannot otherwise reproduce, broadcast, stream, republish, display (including electronically), copy, transmit, post, distribute, show or play it in public without meeting the above conditions.

You agree not to use a free writing tool or resource:

  • for any commercial purpose
  • to adapt or change it in any way
  • to create a derivative work from it
  • on another website or a public forum (but you can create a link to it on our site).

Please contact us if you wish to link to our site. Also see our User terms.

5. Our copyright is protected

Our material is protected under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 and other relevant international copyright laws.

We endorse the Australian Copyright Council in promoting the benefits of copyright protection for a fairer, more creative and economically sustainable business culture.

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