A plain English summary for MusicNSW

A plain English summary for MusicNSW

MusicNSW came to the Foundation and asked for our help to prepare a plain English summary of an important new report. At 78 pages, Raising Their Voices is a comprehensive look at the extent of sexism and discrimination in Australia’s music industry.

Our plain English summary (which is about 10% of the size of the full report) was designed to focus readers’ attention on the most important information. We did this by summarising the report’s main findings and highlighting its 17 recommendations for change.

Our approach included:

  • reorganising the material to bring the important information to the front and the contextual information to the back
  • breaking the content into 4 well-defined sections to improve navigation
  • using design elements like bullet lists and tables to present complex material
  • writing in short, punchy sentences to engage readers and get the message across.

You can read our summary online or download the full report.


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