Training people

We run plain English writing training for all workplace professionals.

We offer tailored in-house training in writing reports, policies, ministerials, letters and emails, web content and more.

Our 1-day public writing skills workshop is also available around Australia.

 Editing documents

We edit content to be engaging and effective. 

Our expert editors can:

  • edit complex material in depth
  • develop templates, such as for briefing notes
  • evaluate individual documents, sets of reports or whole websites.

 Building our community

We champion transparent and ethical public language. 

Our Executive Director, Dr Neil James, regularly speaks in the media about plain English. 

Browse our resources for our contributions to the plain language community.

COVID-19 update

We remain open during COVID-19, but we are adapting the way we work to keep our people and our clients safe.

Our COVID-19 fact sheet summarises how we are responding while continuing our plain English services.

Our editing services are already digital and remain largely unaffected.

Our training services will also continue, but we have started delivering all training digitally through a virtual classroom.

In our own office, comprehensive COVID-19 procedures include medical assessment, testing and isolation as needed for our people. We are also transitioning to working from home arrangements.

These measures mean you can continue to engage our world-class plain English services with confidence while helping to protect your staff and the general community.

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Benefits of plain English