Training people

We run plain English writing training for all workplace professionals.

We offer tailored in-house training in writing reports, policies, ministerials, letters and emails, web content and more.

Our 1-day public writing skills workshop is also available around Australia.

 Editing documents

We edit content to be engaging and effective. 

Our expert editors can:

  • edit complex material in depth
  • develop templates, such as for briefing notes
  • evaluate individual documents, sets of reports or whole websites.

 Building our community

We champion transparent and ethical public language. 

Our Executive Director, Dr Neil James, regularly speaks in the media about plain English. 

Browse our resources for our contributions to the plain language community.

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The benefits of plain English are huge

  Help us find 2018's Worst Word

Have you seen something that made your head spin?

Each year, we collect examples of new and horrible public language: buzzwords and frankenwords, empty corporate jargon and political doublespeak. We compile the biggest offenders in our December list.

To share your nomination and see our past winners, visit our Worst Word of the Year page.