Editing showcase

Editing showcase

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients to improve the structure, design and expression of their most important documents.

NSW Education Standards Authority

We’ve worked extensively with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Our work transformed NESA’s HSC guides and web content to make it more accessible to a diverse public audience. We presented information in a more intuitive way, reduced duplicated content and improved written expression. See the HSC page on NESA’s website for examples of our work.

Office of the Valuer General, NSW

At the Office of the Valuer General, we translated complex content about compulsory acquisitions into clear, reader-friendly material. Working on fact sheets, web pages, brochures and an online application portal, we transformed the texts with logical structures, easier navigation and more appealing design. See the guide about the Valuer General’s role in compulsory acquisitions as an example.

ANZ Bank

We helped ANZ improve a product disclosure statement and application form for one of its loan products. With our extensive experience in legal editing, we were able to make the complex document more readable while retaining its legal meaning. 

Tasmania Department of Health

Tasmania’s Department of Health asked us to edit its Health literacy action plan 2019–2024. Our in-depth edit helped healthcare and community providers understand and act on the content. We added an executive summary, boosted navigation with headings and transformed the document’s design. 

Workplace Gender Equality Agency

We worked on an in-depth edit of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s guide for employers on workplace compliance and reporting requirements. Our work involved improving the guide’s usability by adding an executive summary, updating the design and structure and simplifying its tone. The final guide is easier to navigate and use, which in turn improves the quality of data submitted to he agency.

Northern Territory Office of the Public Guardian

We completed an in-depth edit of a handbook and 10 fact sheets. These are public-facing documents, and a diverse readership needs to understand them. Our work involved minimising repetition, restructuring the content, updating the design, simplifying the language and improving web accessibility. 

Audit Office of NSW

We were commissioned to edit a widely publicised performance audit report on Sydney’s light rail project. The Audit Office of NSW asked us to review the report’s logic and content. Our work also involved restructuring to highlight key messages and maximise readability. The final report clearly highlighted the findings and explained the implications of them, translating dry facts into compelling reading.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority, NSW

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority asked us to substantively edit 2 sets of guidelines about workers compensation and return-to-work programs. These documents are important resources for workers, employers and insurers, and our work involved restructuring to improve navigation and redesigning to suit the online environment. 

Transport for NSW

When working with Transport for NSW, we started with a Verbumetric evaluation of ministerial correspondence and briefings. We then edited a range of freight noise attenuation policies and procedures, including the Freight Noise Attenuation Program Policy.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

One of our most important jobs was developing report and submission templates, a style guide and a range of witness support materials for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Our work also involved in-depth edits of various case study reports and the interim report

Public Service Commission, NSW

The Commission engaged us to ensure its Aboriginal employment strategy was clear, readable and easy for users to act on. We achieved this by assessing the document logic and reorganising the flow from goals to actions to help the audience better understand the document. We also updated the document design to support the content.

NSW Health

When NSW Health asked us to edit its the Premier’s Council for Active Living achievement report, we turned an information-dense report into a compelling and readable document. Our work involved significant restructuring and adding an executive summary. We streamlined the text to reduce repetition and we shortened the document by 45%. 

A selection of 8 brightly coloured report covers representing projects that the editing team has worked on.

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