Six reasons to attend our Sydney writing courses

Six reasons to attend our Sydney writing courses

What do you get when you attend one of our Sydney writing courses?

If you attend our professional writing workshops, you’ll:

  • boost your productivity
  • be more persuasive
  • reach more people
  • receive ongoing support
  • meet an international standard.
Photo of major Sydney landmarks, including the Opera House, Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge. This is the home of our Sydney writing courses.

Boost your productivity with fewer mistakes

Whether you write for government or for a corporate organisation, it’s easy to be misunderstood. Why? Because we often don’t take the time to put ourselves in our readers’ shoes, assuming that they share our understanding of a topic.

Misunderstandings (and therefore mistakes) can arise from something as simple as people not sharing the same understanding of a word. Research shows that people interpret even common nouns in at least 10 to 30 different ways.

Our workshops show you how to communicate without ambiguity. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce the number of revisions to your writing. Both these improvements boost productivity in organisations by saving your time. You can then spend your time problem solving, creating and decision-making.

Get what you want with more persuasive writing

Once you’ve used this extra time to create or problem solve, how do you get your readers to endorse your proposal, follow your guidelines or respond to your email? You need to persuade them.

And the best way to persuade your readers is with plain language, especially for hard-to-win readers.

You’ll win over these readers with clear logic. This means presenting your reasons and relevant evidence rather than stepping readers through your research process. If you step readers through your research, your logic gets diluted throughout your document and becomes less persuasive.

And many of our writing workshops explain how to win over these readers by making concessions where needed. Concessions flag the limits of your evidence. If this feels counterintuitive, that’s because it is. But we’ll show you how to use a concession like an olive branch that boosts your reader’s confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

Reach more people with accessible content

Now that you’ve persuaded your readers of your position, it’s time to ensure that your message is available to a wide audience. Research suggests that 44% of adult Australians lack the literacy skills needed in everyday life. This means they may struggle to fill in a form or read the label on a medication.

Aside from low literacy skills, readers may also struggle with what we’ve written due to issues such as low vision or cognitive disabilities. But these readers need not miss out.

Our workshops include tips for making our writing more accessible and advice about how to structure, design and word our work so that the most people can understand it. We even have a free resource that includes advice about accessibility.

Want your writing to be

Turn writing at work into writing that works with our ISO-aligned plain language system.

Receive ongoing support with our free resources

Our free resource, the Australian Style Guide, answers the most common style questions for Australian writers at work. We recommend the ASG as an ongoing resource for anyone who trains with us.

Our Digital hub has further free resources to support your writing. We offer webinars and templates for workplace documents. The hub also includes links to our white papers, top communication tips and favourite word swaps for efficient writing.

Get Australia’s best training with ISO-standard workshops

These resources and all of our training and editing services are in line with the new international ISO standard: Plain language – Part 1: Governing principles and guidelines (ISO 24495-1). You can rest easy, knowing that you’re learning communication skills that meet an international standard.

And to show what you’ve learned in our workshops, we now offer digital credentials. These secure certificates can help employers and colleagues to verify which of our workshops you attended. You can also share your digital badge on LinkedIn or add it to your resume. 

Choose the right workshop with our communication experts

We have workshops to meet your needs and schedule. You can find descriptions of all our workshops on our website or contact our friendly team.

Our tailored workshops are available around Australia, in person and online.

We also have plain language editing services, ranging from evaluations and template design to writing guides and in-depth editing. These services complement our workshops and help you to embed your new communication skills.

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