Introducing digital badges

We’ve gone digital!

A digital badge, or an open badge, is an online version of your credential, certification or learning outcome. You can share it online and others can verify your skills in real time. Digital badges give employers, clients and colleagues concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credential. Badges are hosted on certified open badging platforms, like our partner, Credly.

What happens next?

After your workshop, Credly will email you to let you know you’ve earned a badge. The email will come from It will explain how to claim your badge and set up your free Credly account. Once you’re set up, you can share, manage and verify your badge through your account. To make the most of your new credential, follow our 5 steps.

Learn more about digital credentials

Credly is a digital credentialing platform that helps individuals store and share their digital credentials. It also helps organisations issue and manage the digital credentials they offer. Credly’s badge technology complies with the Open Badge Standards developed by IMS Global.

No. There is no fee for the digital badges.

You can share your badge on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email. You can also embed it in a website or your email signature. To share it, simply click on the ‘share’ icon beside your badge in Credly.

That’s no problem. You can change your privacy settings in Credly so that only you can see your badge.

No-one can copy and use your badge because Credly protects it by linking it to verified data hosted on its site. This makes it more secure than a paper or PDF certificate.

Yes. When you download your Credly badge, its metadata is embedded in the image. You can then share it on any badge platform that supports open badge infrastructure. Go to the ‘Share Badge’ page to export your badge.

Credly matches each skill listed under your badge with live job ads. It then gives you information about who is hiring, which jobs you might be qualified for, how much the jobs pay and more. You can even use Credly to search for and apply for these jobs. To access the labour market insights, simply click on one of the skills under your badge. 

You can find tutorials and answers to more questions on Credly’s website.

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