So you've earned a digital badge. Here's what to do next.

1. Share it on social media

You’ve earned it! Now show it! Add your badge to your email signature, or share it on LinkedIn, Facebook so your colleagues and friends can celebrate your achievement.

2. Update your résumé

You’ve got new skills – add them to your résumé now so that employers who are looking for people with your skills can find you. Prospective employers can verify your skills in real time.

3. Build on your new skills

Your learning doesn’t have to stop here. We have a range of courses to extend your new writing skills. Check out our full range of workshops to see what else we offer.

4. Go for that promotion

Your digital badge is an easy way to share your new skills with your manager or human relations team. Let them know that you’ve honed your skills and are ready for a new challenge.

5. Check the labour market

Your new skills might be in demand. Credly’s labour market insights match the skills listed in your badge with live job ads. You might find the perfect job waiting for you.

You can share your badge on LinkedIn
Or add your badge to your email signature
You can also download your transcript
Or print your own certificate

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