Paper cut-out of people holding hands surrounding a globe and pile of coins. People, globe and coins are on soil that has green shoots poking through the dirt.
28 February 2023

Plain English Foundation is excited to announce that EdventureCo has been certified as a B Corporation by global network B Lab.

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Worker receives multiple urgent emails
20 February 2023

After years of critically analysing emails – the good, the bad and the ugly – we’ve come up with 2 recommendations that will guarantee your email gets read.

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Legislator signs bill
14 February 2023

In an exciting win for plain language, the US Senate has passed the Clear and Concise Content Act of 2022. One official says, ‘This bill does exactly what its name implies – it makes government communications easier to understand.’

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A lawyer in a suit signs a document while consulting a large reference book. On the desk are scales and a gavel
21 October 2022

We're thrilled to hear that New Zealand passed the plain language bill today. One MP said the bill is about 'having language that everyone and anyone can understand.' We couldn't agree more.

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