Reach more people with our Perth writing courses

Reach more people with our Perth writing courses

Want to ensure that what you write reaches more people? Our Perth writing courses can help you reach this goal.

Read on to find out:

  • why you need our business writing course
  • what the benefits of business writing skills are
  • where to take our business writing classes.
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Why do I need a business writing course?

If you have a business in Australia, chances are about one quarter of your customers speak languages other than English. You may also do business with Aboriginal people who ‘speak Aboriginal languages or Aboriginal English as their first language rather than Standard Australian English.’ 

This doesn’t just apply to spoken language. Over the past decade in Perth, the number of people communicating using Auslan has increased. And Australia-wide, up to 20,000 people use Auslan to communicate.

These statistics mean that some of your customers may struggle to understand what you say or write to them. Even native English speakers may not easily understand your terms and conditions, billing information or care instructions. This might be due to disabilities or low literacy.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave so many of your customers in the dark! Our business writing courses teach you how to communicate clearly with all your customers, especially if you’re communicating about important topics such as social or health services, finances or legal obligations.

What are the benefits of business writing skills?

It may feel difficult to find the time to update your writing skills, but we promise it’s worth the effort. Our workshops help you add plain language to your communication toolkit.

Plain language ensures that what you write is so clear that people only need to read it once. It also ensures that the reader can easily find the information they need and understand and act on it.

The benefits start with making sure that your customers can understand you and go on to:

For business writing, plain language just makes sense.

Where can I take business writing classes?

Whether you need help with terms and conditionsreports or newsletters, we have a workshop to suit your business.

Our Perth writing courses are available in person and online and cover:

  • report and board paper writing
  • audit, decision and investigation writing
  • media and communications writing
  • letter and email writing
  • digital and web writing
  • legal, policy and procedure writing.
Want your writing to be

Turn writing at work into writing that works with our ISO-aligned plain language system.

We’ve even got a workshop for people who review others’ workplace writing.

All these workshops are available no matter where you are in Australia – we have training facilities in most major cities and also offer online workshops.

Our expert trainers will give you clear, practical advice and support you to use our tools with real-world examples. That’s why 90% of participants have rated our workshops ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’.

Also, all our courses align with Plain language – Part 1: Governing principles and guidelines (ISO 24495-1). To book a workshop or get help finding the right one for you, contact our friendly team today.

If you’d like a free resource to get you started, check out the Australian Style Guide. This resource is the definitive guide for the most common style questions for professionals in Australia.

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