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Why plain English?

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fewer errors

After New Zealand rewrote and redesigned its citizenship application form into plain English, error rates dropped from 66% to just 10%. 

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drop in customer complaints

When the Arizona Department of Revenue improved the clarity of 3 standard customer letters, phone calls dropped from 23,000 a year to just 5,000.

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decrease in writing time

Our efficiency study found that clients who completed a plain English reform program reduced their document drafting time by 50%

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decrease in reading time

When comparing a plain English version of a medical brochure with its original, comprehension improved, and reading time fell from 14 to 4.5 minutes.

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increase in reader satisfaction

A Foundation client who implemented a plain language program found that client satisfaction increased from 62% to well over 90%. 

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drop in negotiation time

An Australian study found that a plain English version of a lease took just 3 weeks to negotiate (with only 5 exchanges between parties) compared to a standard lease which took 3 months (and 24 exchanges).

Statistics come from research by James and Moriarty (2021), Kimble (2012) and Plain English Foundation.

What we do

Build your team’s writing skills with one of our plain English writing workshops.

With more than 20 different courses available, specialist trainers, hands-on exercises, real-time feedback and best-practice materials, we offer a superior training experience that gets results.

Transform your complex documents into engaging texts that people want to read.

We will restructure your content, redesign your layout and edit your words to create compelling documents, from business reports and manuals to websites, factsheets and more.

Use our evidence-based online resources to improve your writing or test your skills.

Our web-based style guide will ensure your writing is clear, consistent and contemporary. Or try our state-of-the-art writing skills test to get an instant assessment of your English writing skills.

'I was most impressed with your template super powers. Much appreciated!'

Program officer, professional council

'I love the way you transformed our rough draft into something of clarity and beauty.'

Director, public sector agency

'I was very happy with the way the Foundation clarified and streamlined the text to make it more accessible to a wider audience. We got great value for our investment.'

Project officer, insurance company

'We truly loved the document and the way it was put together. We were so impressed by how you simplified the content.'

Manager, banking industry

'The guide was well tailored to our needs, which means that staff will use it. This makes it priceless!'

Director, legal organisationy

'I really liked that the editors really took their time to understand our organisation and adapt the templates accordingly.'

Manager, state education agency

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