Dr Kenneth Chong

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

William Butler Yeats

Kenneth is fascinated by the power of words to change the way we see the world and who we are. He’s passionate about how plain language helps us see the world more clearly. And when we see clearly, we’re able to make informed decisions about our lives, especially our health and finances.

Since joining our team, Kenneth has demystified clear and persuasive writing for a range of clients. These clients include Victoria’s Essential Services Commission, and the Department of Education and the Department of Planning and Environment in NSW.

Kenneth writes and edits in his spare time. He co-founded Add to Cart Magazine, an online journal for neglected voices.

Professional qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in English (Princeton University)
  • Master of Arts in English (University of NSW)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (University of NSW)
  • Position


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