Emily Halloran

Anybody can have ideas – the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph.

Mark Twain

Emily is passionate about using plain language as a tool for social justice. She’s determined to take difficult documents and make them easier to understand. Emily uses plain language to remove some barriers that prevent people from accessing vital information and reinforce systemic inequities.

Her attention to detail and efficiency means clients such as NSW’s largest council, Blacktown City Council, receive plain language interventions that benefit upwards of 400,000 people.

Since joining the Foundation, Emily has helped government and corporate clients improve their communications. This has included helping Transport for NSW communicate more consistently and compassionately. Emily has also helped NIDA and EdventureCo communicate more clearly with internal and external stakeholders.

Emily doesn’t just edit – she writes too and ensures our online presence is both interesting and genuinely useful. For example, see her white paper comparing human editors and AI editing tools.

Professional qualifications

  • Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing (The University of Queensland)
  • Graduate Certificate of Writing, Editing and Publishing (The University of Queensland)
  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching (The University of Queensland)
  • Bachelor of Arts (The University of Queensland)
  • Position


Part of the EdventureCo Group