Denise Farrell

Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.

Mike Krzyzewski

Denise is a corporate executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in operations, account management and human resources. She has deep knowledge of strategic planning, service delivery and performance solutions and is highly experienced in people and performance management.

In her previous roles in the travel services industry, Denise was instrumental in promoting innovation and driving transformation, with a strong focus on customer service. She took particular pride in mentoring strong and effective leaders.

As General Manager, Denise’s priority is to support the Foundation’s diverse and inclusive teams to drive innovation and accelerate growth. With a passion for quality customer care, Denise will be supporting our training and editing teams to deliver exceptional experiences for all our clients. Her aim is to build a strong workplace culture and robust systems so that all employees can excel and reach their potential.

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    General Manager

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