Have you taken advantage of your 2023 PD days yet?

It’s easy to put off your professional development (or PD) during the year. But it’s important for you and your organisation to take these PD days to hone your skills.

Did you know that these days reset at the end of each year? If you don’t use them, you’re losing the opportunity to update your skills or learn something new.

Make the most of your PD days by signing up for one of our most popular workshops. Or book a training workshop for your team. Our workshops cover the skills you need to communicate effectively at work, from writing emails and reports to reviewing other people’s writing. We’ll help you make your message crystal clear so that there’s no confusion.

Whether you have 2 hours or 2 days, we have a workshop to suit your needs. We offer in-person or online courses no matter where you are in Australia.

Contact us to use your PD days

Want free resources to support your writing at work?

Check out our Australian Style Guide. It’s the definitive guide for professionals who write for work. It covers both the print and digital environments, and it’s equally suitable for the government, corporate and university sectors in Australia.

Or sign up for our 30-minute webinar on 1 December. In this webinar we:

  • explain what we mean by plain language (in line with the ISO standard)
  • show you how to use structure, design and wording to communicate more effectively
  • use examples drawn from real workplace documents
  • dispel some of the common myths about plain language
  • highlight the benefits of plain language for individuals and businesses.


'I was most impressed with your template super powers. Much appreciated!'

Program officer, professional council

'I love the way you transformed our rough draft into something of clarity and beauty.'

Director, public sector agency

'I was very happy with the way the Foundation clarified and streamlined the text to make it more accessible to a wider audience. We got great value for our investment.'

Project officer, insurance company

'We truly loved the document and the way it was put together. We were so impressed by how you simplified the content.'

Manager, banking industry

'The guide was well tailored to our needs, which means that staff will use it. This makes it priceless!'

Director, legal organisationy

'I really liked that the editors really took their time to understand our organisation and adapt the templates accordingly.'

Manager, state education agency

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