Are you ready for annual reporting season?

When annual reporting season rolls around, getting the right content from the right contributors at the right time can be a logistical nightmare.

To help streamline the process, we’ve developed a template for project managers to use when briefing contributors from across the business.

This handy tool will guide your contributors to:

  • Write about the right topics – By specifying who covers what topic, the full report will cover everything you need, without repetition.
  • Write for a target audience – Your report will be more effective if contributors write to a particular audience with a clear outcome in mind.
  • Write to a word count and deadline – Our template gives contributors a clear word limit and deadline, so you can deliver a concise report that’s on time!
  • Write in an appropriate tone and style – Follow our advice from the Australian Style Guide to improve consistency and cut down the time you spend on editing and formatting.
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Download our free template

'I was most impressed with your template super powers. Much appreciated!'

Program officer, professional council

'I love the way you transformed our rough draft into something of clarity and beauty.'

Director, public sector agency

'I was very happy with the way the Foundation clarified and streamlined the text to make it more accessible to a wider audience. We got great value for our investment.'

Project officer, insurance company

'We truly loved the document and the way it was put together. We were so impressed by how you simplified the content.'

Manager, banking industry

'The guide was well tailored to our needs, which means that staff will use it. This makes it priceless!'

Director, legal organisationy

'I really liked that the editors really took their time to understand our organisation and adapt the templates accordingly.'

Manager, state education agency

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