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A sound engineer adjusts knobs and buttons on a large mixing console.

We worked with MusicNSW to create a plain English summary of the Raising Their Voices report. It presents important new research into sexism and discrimination in Australia's music industry and makes the case for some big, bold changes!

2021 was another year dominated by COVID-19, and it generated a whole new list of words we didn't know we needed, including ‘centres for national resilience’.

An older couple look at information about life insurance on their laptop

The Financial Services Council commissioned us to overhaul the Life Insurance Code of Practice. We created a new plain English document with big improvements in readability, usability and accessibility.

A group of smiling people stand in a bar, chatting and drinking beer.

2020 was the year of COVID-19, and it generated some less than welcome words. The South Australia Government eased some coronavirus restrictions and allowed people in bars to drink while standing up… But then they dubbed this ‘vertical consumption‘.

A White House podium flanked by two United States flags

We've taken a look back at the annual Worst Words winners from 2010-2020 to select the Worst Words of the Decade, and there was a clear winner.

A factory sits under a blue sky smattered with whispy clouds

As the moves toward cleaner energy gained momentum in 2019, the US Department of Energy decided to ramp up the spin. It rebranded natural gas as ‘freedom gas' and trumpeted its efforts to help export ‘molecules of US freedom' to the world.