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Two lion clubs play together on the grass in their fenced enclosure while an adult lion reclines nearby

When 5 lions escaped their exhibit last month, the zoo released a statement blaming an 'integrity issue' for the breach. This was just one example of spin that caught our eye in this year's round-up of the worst public language.

The letters K I S S cut out from a magazine and pinned to a corkboard

So you want to writing in plain English, but you're not sure where to start? One of the most effective things you can do is replace complex words and phrases with a simpler, shorter alternative.

Five coloured sticky notes pinned to a corkboard and the top note reads 'Top tips'

Our expert trainers and editors share their top tips to help you communicate clearly in all your writing.

A selection of 8 brightly coloured report covers representing projects that the editing team has worked on

Our editors have brought their plain language skills to many fascinating and influential projects. Here we share links to a handful that are available online, so you can see how we have transformed content across a range of genres and sectors.

A lawyer in a suit signs a document while consulting a large reference book. On the desk are scales and a gavel

We're thrilled to hear that New Zealand passed the plain language bill today. One MP said the bill is about 'having language that everyone and anyone can understand.' We couldn't agree more.