Learn the core concepts in our 1-day public workshop. It's perfect for anyone who writes at work, whether your documents are board papers, business cases or customer fact sheets.

We will show you how to: 

  • focus your text with a clear core message
  • understand different structural models and which will work best
  • use document design to engage readers
  • match your tone to your readers' needs
  • choose short, simple words and sentences to boost readability.

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Learn to balance the needs of your readers in our intermediate course.

Perfect for

Writers who have to cater to a wide range of readers, in all document types such as letters and emails, bulletins and assessments.

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Writing for Clarity

What we cover

We show you how to:

  • map your readers to better understand their needs
  • structure your material effectively so readers can easily find what they need
  • make your text flow seamlessly
  • set tone and readability at the right level
  • remove words and details that reduce your document's impact.

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Learn to persuade readers to your point of view in our advanced course.

Perfect for

Writers who must think analytically and recommend action in documents like reports, submissions, proposals and letters.

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Writing to Persuade

What we cover

We explain the key steps to more successful documents so you can:

  • identify the core issues to discuss
  • support your claim with the best arguments
  • test your analysis and reasoning
  • structure your text to give your arguments greater impact
  • review your language so it matches the needs of your readers.
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 Our participants say

Every element was interesting in the way it was dissected, explained and applied.

Easy to follow, interactive and fun.

I now have tactics to plan my thoughts before writing.

Much more useful than I thought it would be. Very impressed.

The tools will help me and my staff to provide clearer information to members and senators.

The trainer made the day fun and interesting and provided tips and tools relevant to my job.