Dr Peta Spear


Managing Director


Peta oversees the Foundation's suite of business activities and products, and works closely with our General Manager and team managers to ensure our service delivery is of the highest possible standard.

Peta is also expert in:

  • helping our clients to achieve successful written communications reform programs
  • advising on best-fit training and editing solutions
  • offering strategic solutions to embed a change to writing culture
  • plain English rewriting of complex content such as legal agreements.

Peta began her public sector career working in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Australian Film Commission in the 1980s. While at the Commission, Peta developed the first edition of the industry resource, Get the Picture: Essential Data on Australian Film, Television, Video and Interactive Video. After working in film production, she then worked as a writer and published 3 books.

Peta returned to study in the 1990s and completed a PhD in writing before working at the Centre for Professional Development at Macquarie University. In 2003, Peta co-founded the Foundation with Dr Neil James.

Professional qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Media and Communication (University of Western Sydney)
  • Master of Arts in Communication (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication (University of Technology Sydney)


Peta was co-convener of the Plain Language Association InterNational 2009 conference in Sydney. She has participated in plain language conferences in Washington, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Stockholm, Mexico City and Dublin.


 Our clients say

I appreciate being able to discuss with Peta the best approach to each project, because a 'one size fits all' approach simply doesn't work.

Communications manager, finance sector

We've worked with other organisations to improve our writing, but Peta's guidance and the Foundation's work was exceptional and impressive.

CEO, government agency