Emily Halloran




Emily is passionate about plain language and loves helping writers to produce clear and coherent documents. A lifelong love of grammar led Emily to complete a Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing at the University of Queensland. Her thesis researched plain language and ethical decision-making in the workplace. Emily has edited fiction and nonfiction texts for authors, academics and business owners. She specialises in transforming rambling writing into precise prose.

Before joining the Foundation, Emily worked as a freelancer, editing theses, journal articles, personal essays, crime and historical fiction manuscripts, website copy, and résumés. Before this, she taught English and French to secondary school students, sharing her passion for effective communication.

Professional qualifications

  • Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing (The University of Queensland)
  • Indexing as a Career (Canvas Network)
  • Graduate Certificate of Writing, Editing and Publishing (The University of Queensland)
  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching (The University of Queensland)
  • Bachelor of Arts (The University of Queensland)


Emily is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and won Capstone Editing’s Become an Editor Scholarship in 2021.

She has researched plain language in the workplace by examining people’s reactions to euphemisms and their plain language equivalents.

Emily stays up to date with plain language developments as a member of the Plain Language Association International.